Comfort strap for Fostex RP series

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This is a comfort strap for Fostex RP (T20, T40, T50, T60, Dekoni Blue etc.) models that have a screw on either side of the headband.

It is made of black buffalo leather or young bull leather, both imported from France. Beautiful leathers with a remarkable natural grain that strike the right balance of softness, durability and elegance, they make for a plush strap that should not stretch and will stay comfortable over time.
The stitching is cosmetic – it allows for further customization and gives a more refined look to the finished product.

This strap can either be unstitched or hand stitched. You can choose from 36 stitching color options in the drop-down menu. Default edge color is black.

To inquire about options (available leathers, custom designs) and pricing for a bespoke strap, contact us at

For the stitching color options, please refer to the picture on the product page.

Please note: straps are made to order, it may take us up to 2 weeks to make your strap and and ship it

***Note that on T60RPs you are going to need a Torx T15 bit/ screwdriver to install your Fostex strap***

***We will supply two longer replacement screws so you don’t run into issues when installing your strap. Those will be necessary for T20, T40, T50 and Dekoni Blue models.***

*** Prices include shipping in the United States and Canada and discounted international shipping (free untracked and discounted tracked shipping)***

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buffalo, black, young bull, black, black buffalo top/ orange calf bottom, black young bull top/ orange calf bottom


unstitched ($60), 01 – White, 02 – Beige, 03 – Coffee, 04 – Black, 05- Dark purple, 06 – Elephant grey, 07 – Peacock blue, 08 – Cobalt blue, 09 – Ice blue, 10 – Deep red, 11- Orange, 12 – Radiant yellow, 13- Purplish red, 15 – Pink, 16 – Peacock green, 17 – Dark green, 19 – Peach pink, 20 – Iron grey, 21- Light brown, 22 – Dark brown, 23 – Earthy yellow, 24 – Chicken yellow, 25 – Red, 26 – Electric blue, 27 – Khaki, 28 – Rose sakura, 29 – Rose Scheherazade, 30 – Bamboo, 31 – Rose jaipur, 32 – Ultraviolet, 33 – Navy blue, 34 – Rose confetti, 35 – Pearl grey, 36 – Bourgainville, 37 – Milk white, 38 – Lake blue

edge color

black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink

4 reviews for Comfort strap for Fostex RP series

  1. Gene

    Amazing quality and craftsmanship. Highly recommend. Laurent is very friendly and professional.

  2. Cory Dixon

    Absolutely amazing quality! The orange calf bottom is buttery soft and amazing grains in the leather. Custom precise stitching and great friendly service with a personalized note. Will be ordering another for the lcd-2’s ASAP!

  3. Paige A

    There is no better way to upgrade and personalize your headphones. The quality of leather and execution are top notch.

  4. Keith (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and Laurent is great to work with. If I own any other suspension strap headphones in the future I’ll be ordering again. Highly recommended!

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