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This is a comfort strap for Audeze LCD series (LCD-2 Classic, LCD-2, LCD-2 Closed, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-4z, LCD-X, LCD-X Closed, LCD-MX4, LCD-GX) with the newer headbands (spring steel or carbon fibre).

It is made of black buffalo leather or young bull leather, both imported from France. Beautiful leathers with a remarkable natural grain that strike the right balance of softness, durability and elegance, they make for a plush strap that should not stretch and will stay comfortable over time.
The stitching is cosmetic – it allows for further customization and gives a more refined look to the finished product.

This strap can either be unstitched or hand stitched. You can choose from 36 stitching color options in the drop-down menu. Default edge color is black.

To inquire about options (available leathers, custom designs) and pricing for a bespoke strap, contact us at

For the stitching color options, please refer to the picture on the product page.

Please note: straps are made to order, it may take us up to 2 weeks to make your strap and and ship it

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buffalo, black, young bull, black


unstitched ($60), 01 – White, 02 – Beige, 03 – Coffee, 04 – Black, 05- Dark purple, 06 – Elephant grey, 07 – Peacock blue, 08 – Cobalt blue, 09 – Ice blue, 10 – Deep red, 11- Orange, 12 – Radiant yellow, 13- Purplish red, 15 – Pink, 16 – Peacock green, 17 – Dark green, 19 – Peach pink, 20 – Iron grey, 21- Light brown, 22 – Dark brown, 23 – Earthy yellow, 24 – Chicken yellow, 25 – Red, 26 – Electric blue, 27 – Khaki, 28 – Rose sakura, 29 – Rose Scheherazade, 30 – Bamboo, 31 – Rose jaipur, 32 – Ultraviolet, 33 – Navy blue, 34 – Rose confetti, 35 – Pearl grey, 36 – Bourgainville, 37 – Milk white, 38 – Lake blue

edge color

black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink

11 reviews for Comfort strap for Audeze LCD series

  1. Emre (verified owner)

    This thing is beautiful. White edge color, buffalo leather, combined with the carbon fiber headband on an LCD-X… the comfort is unreal. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who might want to increase the comfort of the Audeze LCD series.

  2. Justin Sanderson (verified owner)

    I mainly bought this to replace my strap that had fallen apart. I haven’t been this happy with a purchase in a long time. It feels high quality and is way more comfortable than the strap that comes with the headphones.

  3. Lee Gill (verified owner)

    What a huge difference to the thin cheap thing Audeze give you, which always stuck to my bald head. This strap is night and day, comfortable, quality and looks fantastic. The fact you can customise the stitching colour is worth spending the money on alone, it looks like the premium strap you should have gotten from new. So glad I found out about your straps on Z Reviews…Highly Recommended !!!!

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful product, I replaced my poor withering pleather strap on my LCD-2C’s with these and the comfort is an immense improvement even when the stock strap was brand new.

  5. AuRiMaS666 (verified owner)

    Much more premium in looks and feel over the standard cheapish pleather strap Audeze provides. Added comfort as well, thanks to increased surface area. Absolute must have upgrade for all Audeze owners, especially higher end range like LCD-4/5. Excellent communication and customer service from the seller is also worth a mention!

  6. Raphael Ram (verified owner)

    The leather is thick and plush and provided much-improved weight distribution and padding for my LCD-X. The craftsmanship is impeccable and being able to customize the color of the stitching (or forego it entirely) is a nice touch. Order with confidence – Laurent’s work is the real deal and a huge improvement to the comfort of the Audeze’s LCD headphones.

  7. Greg Marsh (verified owner)

    I purchased the black leather with red trim. Let me just say, it is amazing. The leather is high-quality, the strap is super comfortable and the fit is exactly right on my head & on the frame. And it looks fantastic! So much value. Better than the official straps. Thank you!

  8. Stephen (verified owner)

    These are truly the definition of “quality”. The craftsmanship is perfect. There is not a single thing you could possibly complain about in regards to these leather straps. I’ve purchased before and will absolutely purchase again. Thank you!

  9. Jay (verified owner)

    A really good quality headband also ships out faster than the ETA. The stitching is tight, even, and looks great. Can’t recommend enough

  10. rupert3k (verified owner)

    transformative comfort
    quality construction
    pleasure to deal with
    beyond reproach

  11. Aidan (verified owner)

    I want to start by saying this strap is fantastically comfortable, and a great upgrade compared to the original. Before purchasing, I had some concerns that the strap would get warm, as the original strap is perforated, but it stays very cool. The material is soft and plush, and the quality is beautiful. Laurent’s customer service is second to none as well. Laurent was so pleasant to deal with that I ordered a second strap for my secondary headphones, the Audeze Maxwells, before my first strap even arrived. It was a great decision, and now I have a fantastically comfortable band for both pairs!

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