Comfort strap for Audeze LCD-5/ MM-500 headphones

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This is a comfort strap for Audeze LCD-5/ MM-500 headphones with increased width for improved comfort.

It is made of black buffalo leather or young bull leather, both imported from France. Beautiful leathers with a remarkable natural grain that strike the right balance of softness, durability and elegance, they make for a plush strap that should not stretch and will stay comfortable over time.
The stitching is cosmetic – it allows for further customization and gives a more refined look to the finished product.

This strap can either be unstitched or hand stitched. You can choose from 36 stitching color options in the drop-down menu. Default edge color is black.

To inquire about options (available leathers, custom designs) and pricing for a bespoke strap, contact us at

For the stitching color options, please refer to the picture on the product page.

Please note: straps are made to order, it may take us up to 2 weeks to make your strap and and ship it

*** Prices include shipping in the United States and Canada and discounted international shipping (free untracked and discounted tracked shipping)***

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buffalo, black, young bull, black


unstitched ($60), 01 – White, 02 – Beige, 03 – Coffee, 04 – Black, 05- Dark purple, 06 – Elephant grey, 07 – Peacock blue, 08 – Cobalt blue, 09 – Ice blue, 10 – Deep red, 11- Orange, 12 – Radiant yellow, 13- Purplish red, 15 – Pink, 16 – Peacock green, 17 – Dark green, 19 – Peach pink, 20 – Iron grey, 21- Light brown, 22 – Dark brown, 23 – Earthy yellow, 24 – Chicken yellow, 25 – Red, 26 – Electric blue, 27 – Khaki, 28 – Rose sakura, 29 – Rose Scheherazade, 30 – Bamboo, 31 – Rose jaipur, 32 – Ultraviolet, 33 – Navy blue, 34 – Rose confetti, 35 – Pearl grey, 36 – Bourgainville, 37 – Milk white, 38 – Lake blue

edge color

black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink


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