Our leathers

Leather is a wonderful material with endless possibilities in terms of looks and feel. Each skin type has it’s own character and different tanning methods bring new variations to the texture, appearance and smell. Add to that the fact that every hide has it’s own character and you end up with a truly unique item every time that’s as much a pleasure for us to craft than it is for you to use.

In case we weren’t clear on that, we LOVE leather. We pride ourselves in using the best materials we can get our hands on and source our leathers from reputed tanneries from France, Italy and the United States. Many of our leathers are staples used by great luxury brands.

Our most used leathers for comfort straps are buffalo leather and young bull leather, both imported from France. We made them our standard options because they have a beautiful grain, age well and are soft enough to be comfortable and stiff enough not to stretch. Buffalo has a lot of grain variations and character whereas the young bull has a more classic looking ‘pebbled’ grain.

Other options we usually have in stock are, but not limited to: barénia calfskin, French boxcalf, shell cordovan, shark skin, American alligator (subject to shipping restrictions). Don’t hesitate to inquire about leather options by using the contact form or by sending us an email to understatedmontreal@gmail.com if you want a custom strap.